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Jack & Jill

Jack & Jill Baby Set

Such a great pattern design - suitable for boys, girls ! ……. and ‘don’t know yet’ babies :)

Jack & Jill Baby Cardigan Jacket

0 -3 months, 3 - 6 months, 6 - 9 months, 9 -12 months

Jack & Jill Baby Cardigan


Jack & Jill Baby Hats

0-3 months, 3-6months, 6-9 months, 9-12months


Jack & Jill Baby Mittens

newborn baby, 3 months, 6 - 9 months


Jack & Jill Baby Booties

newborn baby


Jack & Jill Baby Blanket

preemie or doll 16", newborn 24", baby 30"


This lovely design comes in Preemie Sizes too ~

Jack & Jill - Premature Baby Jackets

small, medium, large premature baby


Jack & Jill ~ Premature Baby Hats

small, medium, large premature baby


And even smaller for Angel Babies or baby dolls ~

Jack & Jill Extra Small 10" Baby Jacket & Hat


Jack & Jill Micro-Preemie Baby Hats

Micro-Preemie 3" (6" circumference)


Jack & Jill Angel Baby Gown one-size (10" chest)


Doll's Sleeping Bag ~ Jack & Jill

small, extra-small


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