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Easy Fingerless Mittens - with Thumbs

Easy Fingerless Mittens with Thumbs

So easy to knit!

Worked flat - and then seamed


Adult Man, Adult Woman, Teenager, Large Child, Medium Child, Small Child

Requires~ Around 40g of DK yarn, less for smaller sizes 4mm needles

Use any colour you fancy - maybe a sparkly yarn - or add a stripe if you like ! There are endless possibilities for this easy pattern ……..

Men's Size on this link ~

I am happy for you to use my patterns for your own use

or for charity donations.

In addition: You can gift or sell any finished items you make from my patterns.

However, please do not copy my patterns

Copyright © 2020 ‘made by marianna’ All Rights Reserved

This pattern (the information and photos) may not be copied or reproduced

or republished on any other webpage or website.


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